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Colorful urban furniture: our selection

Colorful urban furniture: our selection
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Nouveau ! Catalogue mobilier extérieur gamme BRUNCH

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guyon mobilier urbain banc video

Manufacturing of street furniture: discover Guyon workshops in video!

Through this video, discover
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Urban workout furniture

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Jardinières colorées Kubic

Jardinières tendance pour fleurissement 2016

Des jardinières colorées pour le printemps ?
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Arranging places dedicated to gardening: more and more initiatives!

Arranging places dedicated to gardening
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Street furniture and cycling

Bike and street furniture: Guyon ranges are adapted to new trends.

A global trend that touches street furniture…

Large cities are not the only ones to start riding bicycles: smaller construction works, with only a few cycle shelters or stands are receiving. Guyon, street furniture designer and supplier, show this trend: among our recent references, La Sauvetat (63), La Plaine Bernard (44), Le Cendre (63), Saint Laure (63).

Bicycle parking facilities: 8,5 millions euro of investment per year

A study of the European Cycling Union reports that in Europe, there are around 665.000 people employed by the bicycle market, among whom 10% in France.

The number of parking places for bicycle has gone from 51 700 up to 124 500, which corresponds to a 140% raise from 2007 to 2010 in 7 of the biggest cities in France.

The major trend of this evolution is the predominance of the individual bike “arceau”, favoured by collectivities related to collective shelters or to guarded parking that are still not very much used (around 10% of the cases).


Practical guide of trash bins

Choosing bins for your town seems complicated to you?

Follow the instructions

Types of bins:

  • Classic one compartment: a single compartment for all the waste, it is the most basic version of the bin
  • Selective sorting bins: three compartments, one for every/each type of waste, so that selective sorting starts in urban space. Guyon offers three compartment bins, or several bins, each standing for (?) a type of waste indicated by a signage. It is a solution for bigger volumes.
  • Anti-terrorism bin: waste must be visible within 360 degree
  • The advantages of a bin with internal basket: no waste leaks out (?).
  • The advantages of a bin with integrated bag holder: they are easy to maintain; the bag is easy to change.
  • Steel: the steel bin has a 2- to 10-year-guarantee and does not require special care. Here, our metal trash bins.
  • Timber and steel: the steel frame guarantees the lifetime of street furniture and timber gives a touch of warmth for a design that can be traditional as well as innovative. Here, our timber trash bins.
  • Stainless steel: anti-corrosion material, stainless steel is ideal for sea sides.

Guyon bins processing

  • Hot-dipped galvanizing: the hot-dipped-galvanized bins have a 10-year-guarantee without maintenance. It’s one of the most efficient treatments against corrosion that currently exist on the street furniture market.
  • Zinc Primer Powder Coat: this surface treatment implies that this bin has a 2-year-guarantee. All the Guyon products are treated on a ZPPC base.
  • Anti-graffiti treatment option: it is a complementary treatment of the product that makes cleaning easier. Paint adheres less on the product, which is, in that way, easier to maintain.

Maintenance: lateral opening or top opening?

  • Lateral opening: the technical services do not need to lift the heavy waste. This opening mode should be favoured.
  • Top opening: this opening mode is better for smaller bins.

Size: which size for which bin?

Guyon offers bin models with sizes from 40 to 150 litres. The choice of the size depends on several parameters: location of the bin, visitation to the site, the frequency of collection… Of course, a bin located in a busy street near to a fast food restaurant should have an important size, for example. Our street furniture counsellors are there to counsel you: contact them!


The finishing touches

Personalized laser cutting: Guyon, street furniture manufacturer, offers a personalized laser cutting on several ranges of products, so that your urban arrangement spreads the identity of the place occupied.

RAL at your choice: you wish/want a particular colour for your bins? We offer a RAL option at your choice.



  • Lid: to avoid that the waste gets wet. It is the perfect option for places when the bins aren’t sheltered.
  • Ash receptacles: the bin becomes a 2 in 1 product. The ash receptacle option should be privileged in waiting areas, for example.
guyon senior bench comfort timber metal street furniture

Guyon: COMFORT bench for the elderly on Bati Produits

Public bench for the elderly

Specially designed for the elderly’s comfort, this bench arranges urban areas / spaces as well as special facilities.

Available in 1-, 2- or 3-seat-versions, it is made of an inclined back and a seat with a 45 cm-high-seat of exotic timber (movingui) battens, armrests forming a stand and a structure of galvanized flat irons.

See article on Guyon website


Street furniture: balance sheet 2015

Nearly 40 000 visitors on our website; 100% of our clients happy with the quality of our products and willing to recommend us to the people of their network; new staff recruited for the commercial team.

In 2015, Guyon street furniture remains in the centre of public and private arrangements.

The Guyon showroom is a Tour de France of towns and villages, but also schools, hotels and private companies, with classic or tailored street furniture, always timeless and aesthetic.

Among those who trusted / have been trusting us in 2015:

Guyon, street furniture, in the press: they are talking about us

Here, you can find our press review, with all the articles published in 2015 about Guyon street furniture.

Our products for the elderly like QUATTRO, CONTOUR and COMFORT benches are regularly drawn attention to in the media, mainly in the headlines of Portail Yahoo! Finances.

Specific orders like the ones for STIL seats for the sportive corners installed in the Paris airports for Roland Garros spotlighted our “Made in France “ know-how.

Finally , our innovations, like our urban selective waste bins, regularly found a place in specific magazines.

Thank you!

The Guyon team thanks you for your trust and wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.