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Practical guide of trash bins

Choosing bins for your town seems complicated to you?

Follow the instructions

Types of bins:

  • Classic one compartment: a single compartment for all the waste, it is the most basic version of the bin
  • Selective sorting bins: three compartments, one for every/each type of waste, so that selective sorting starts in urban space. Guyon offers three compartment bins, or several bins, each standing for (?) a type of waste indicated by a signage. It is a solution for bigger volumes.
  • Anti-terrorism bin: waste must be visible within 360 degree
  • The advantages of a bin with internal basket: no waste leaks out (?).
  • The advantages of a bin with integrated bag holder: they are easy to maintain; the bag is easy to change.
  • Steel: the steel bin has a 2- to 10-year-guarantee and does not require special care. Here, our metal trash bins.
  • Timber and steel: the steel frame guarantees the lifetime of street furniture and timber gives a touch of warmth for a design that can be traditional as well as innovative. Here, our timber trash bins.
  • Stainless steel: anti-corrosion material, stainless steel is ideal for sea sides.

Guyon bins processing

  • Hot-dipped galvanizing: the hot-dipped-galvanized bins have a 10-year-guarantee without maintenance. It’s one of the most efficient treatments against corrosion that currently exist on the street furniture market.
  • Zinc Primer Powder Coat: this surface treatment implies that this bin has a 2-year-guarantee. All the Guyon products are treated on a ZPPC base.
  • Anti-graffiti treatment option: it is a complementary treatment of the product that makes cleaning easier. Paint adheres less on the product, which is, in that way, easier to maintain.

Maintenance: lateral opening or top opening?

  • Lateral opening: the technical services do not need to lift the heavy waste. This opening mode should be favoured.
  • Top opening: this opening mode is better for smaller bins.

Size: which size for which bin?

Guyon offers bin models with sizes from 40 to 150 litres. The choice of the size depends on several parameters: location of the bin, visitation to the site, the frequency of collection… Of course, a bin located in a busy street near to a fast food restaurant should have an important size, for example. Our street furniture counsellors are there to counsel you: contact them!


The finishing touches

Personalized laser cutting: Guyon, street furniture manufacturer, offers a personalized laser cutting on several ranges of products, so that your urban arrangement spreads the identity of the place occupied.

RAL at your choice: you wish/want a particular colour for your bins? We offer a RAL option at your choice.



  • Lid: to avoid that the waste gets wet. It is the perfect option for places when the bins aren’t sheltered.
  • Ash receptacles: the bin becomes a 2 in 1 product. The ash receptacle option should be privileged in waiting areas, for example.