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Street furniture and cycling

Bike and street furniture: Guyon ranges are adapted to new trends.

A global trend that touches street furniture…

Large cities are not the only ones to start riding bicycles: smaller construction works, with only a few cycle shelters or stands are receiving. Guyon, street furniture designer and supplier, show this trend: among our recent references, La Sauvetat (63), La Plaine Bernard (44), Le Cendre (63), Saint Laure (63).

Bicycle parking facilities: 8,5 millions euro of investment per year

A study of the European Cycling Union reports that in Europe, there are around 665.000 people employed by the bicycle market, among whom 10% in France.

The number of parking places for bicycle has gone from 51 700 up to 124 500, which corresponds to a 140% raise from 2007 to 2010 in 7 of the biggest cities in France.

The major trend of this evolution is the predominance of the individual bike “arceau”, favoured by collectivities related to collective shelters or to guarded parking that are still not very much used (around 10% of the cases).