Mobilier urbain Guyon SA: fabricant, fournisseur de mobilier et equipement urbain


site_production_calzolari_mobilier_urbainAN INNOVATIVE AND CONTEMPORARY ITALIAN MANUFACTURER

With Calzolari, concrete finds a special place in town: benches, trash bins or planters, this material shows leadership in robustness but also on a more creative level. For example, thanks to the architectural elements brought by the designer and architect Mario Botta, the company designed specific street furniture for the Olympic Games in Athens and equipped the Venice Airport and Milan University, among many prestigious references in terms of design and endurance.



Already present at the Gonzague Fair in 1926, the company was founded by Cesare Calzolari and is now ruled by his grandchildren.  The Italian specialist of concrete has been developing a competence based on natural origin raw material like fluvial granules or marble dust. By using binders, you get an ensemble called “reconstructed stone” which maintains the touch and the rendition of the original stone with better physical specificities in terms of resistance to vandalism, against accidental impacts, against exposure to weather, urban pollutants and sea salt.

The reconstructed stone offers a nearly endless lifetime. Obtained thanks to the recycling  of quarry waste, it is 100% recyclable after crushing. It is the most lasting and ecological material currently available for urban arrangements. CALZOLARI is in move with the international world of design and releases several realizations by Ricardo BOFILL or Mario BOTTA. In 2004, CALZOLARI delivered the furniture of the Olympic Stadium of Athens.