Mobilier urbain Guyon SA: fabricant, fournisseur de mobilier et equipement urbain

Anti-terrorism bins

Guyon, French street furniture manufacturer, offers anti-terrorism bins, with a bag holder or a transparent bucket.

Anti-terrorism bins have a 2-to 10-year-guarantee

Guyon bins with visible waste all have a 2- to 10-year-guarantee depending on the options chosen.

Bins for your area, mall, hotel and so on

Our anti-terrorism bins are perfect to arrange a mall, a city hall and all the places of frequent passage. Several shapes and designs enable you to choose the aesthetic you want.

Anti-terrorism bins, but there is more

They fall over the logic of the vigipirate plan but they are also stylish and are perfect for waste sorting depending on the the models. Our bins with a transparent bucket or a bag-holder are easy to look after.

A unique model for your arrangement

The Guyon teams can also design tailor-made  products on request and just for you: a personalised or unique model of urban anti-terrorism bin. Contact our arrangement counsellors! You need some clarifications concerning the guarantees of the products, the properties of the materials? Read our trash bin guide. .