Mobilier urbain Guyon SA: fabricant, fournisseur de mobilier et equipement urbain

Outdoor furniture

Our outdoor range: with the 2016 preview, Guyon puts its know-how at the service of private individuals.

Guyon’s standing back and experience, how far the work of metal and the manufacturing of street furniture are concerned – we have been a street furniture provider since 1991 – are real advantages.

Known for their quality, their lasting and their design, the Guyon ranges are now a safe bet how far urban arrangement in France is concerned.

An outdoor range in aluminium with a 10-year guarantee!

But today, we are marketing another kind of product: an outdoor set made of a garden table and two benches, both in aluminium, with a ten-year guarantee, and made in Thiers, which means a 100% made in France guarantee.

Representative of the know-how of our business, the Esquisse garden salon, a Sprin 2016 preview, illustrates  a turning point in Guyon’s strategy, which now offers products for private persons… pending the complete ranges, expected for spring 2017!

Selling price of the Esquisse garden salon:699€ inclusive taxes, composed of a table, two benches and a 10-year-guarantee.

Completely made in France:

All the know-how of the Guyon company in Thiers is put to the service of an outdoor range to create robust, stylish, resistant and easy to store outdoor furniture.

Choosing Guyon furniture does not only mean choosing quality, price and design, it also means favoring the employment of welders, folders and qualified jobs in Auvergne.