Mobilier urbain Guyon SA: fabricant, fournisseur de mobilier et equipement urbain



The street furniture professionals federate

The street furniture profession federates in order to give its members a collective legitimate representation and to actively contribute to the new issues of public space arrangement. Twenty companies, representative of the functional street furniture sector, founded their trade union on June 23rd, 2009: PRO.M.U stands for “PROfessionnels du Mobilier Urbain” (Street Furniture Professionals). Designing, manufacturing, importing, distributing, counseling and service provision related to models or a street furniture brand are the activities of the member companies of PRO.M.U.



PROMU syndicat du mobilier urbain guyon

20 companies serving the same cause

This group aims to defend its members towards public authorities, institutional partners and other trade unions, to follow and take part in the evolutions of normalizing and technical regulations as well as legislative texts and last but not least to study the market of urban arrangement, add value to its actors, favor sustainable development and anticipate its evolution. And to favor dialog and respect of values between members. Several working commissions propose initiatives related to three themes that have to do with the arrangement of public spaces:

  • Adapting street furniture items to the need for accessibility of roads (?)
  • Sustainable development with environmental criteria in the design / conception of products
  •  Intellectual property with the defense of models designed in our design and engineering department of our companies

A few cumulative figures: 100M€ of turnover and 500 direct jobs.

The founding member companies: Acropose, Actus, Area, Atech, Axurbain, Buton, Concept Urbain, Espace Harmonie, Greencity, GUYON, Mobil Concept Metalco, Plaseco, Pro Urba, Semco, Seri, Sineu Graff, Spl and Square.