Mobilier urbain Guyon SA: fabricant, fournisseur de mobilier et equipement urbain

Tailor-made products

Personalized products, tailor-made and unique on request!

Guyon banc bookcrossing sur-mesure promenade litteraire mobilier urbain

GUYON answers public and private body’s specific needs and particular expectations. It ability to individualize projects is an important asset to design urban arrangements that are specific to each space / area.

Unique street furniture is tailor-made and/or personalized on request and with responsiveness, with furthermore a tight collaboration with our engineering and design office, who are both on site.

GUYON produces, even in small series, tailor-made products that are personalized according to every single project!

Imagine your city; we build it

Among the examples of personalization and tailor-made achievements, the tailor-made design of the BOOKCROSSING bench, on the theme of literary ballade.

Another example: the personalized painting of the KUBIC bench resulting in a crackled effect, reminding of the potteries of a Gallo-Roman museum.guyon mobilier urbain banc design d'architecte Guyon banquette kubic peinture craquelle sur mesure mobilier urbainguyon mobilier urbain appuis velos design d'architecte